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Johnny Aldred - Editorial Director

Johnny BW.jpg

We call him the ‘Johnny Green Giant’, not because he wears green tights and likes sweetcorn, but because he’s a big lad and we’re a bit scared of him even though he’s nice. Johnny managed the loaded magazine team back in its heyday, and if you can keep control of that bunch of mentalists and ne’er-do-wells (including Two Magpies’ very own Juliette), you can manage anything and anyone. 


Johnny edited the souvenir programmes for the Olympic and Paralympic games in 2012, the Tesco Food website for Cedar Communications, relaunched the rather excellent Co-Operative’s membership magazine for Redwood Publishing and also had a stint at Haymarket Media as Group Editor doing mad important stuff like launching new magazines and making sure the existing ones ran smoothly. 

Johnny is quite sensible and reminds us to take our vitamins so we can power through the day producing brilliant work for our clients.

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