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Big Agency Skills - Small Agency Prices


Two Magpies Media is a small (but perfectly formed) creative agency that helps start-ups start and established businesses grow. 


We offer brand strategy, logo and website design, packaging design,
PR workshops and all the content you can shake a stick at. 


We swoop in, take a look around your business - your website, current marketing strategy, social media and all that stuff - and let you know if things could be improved. Here’s a clue: things can always be improved. You’ll have a nice cup of tea or a pint and we'll come up with a solid plan to take your brand forward. 


Just to make sure we cover all bases, we run one-to-one PR and social media marketing workshops when you’re all set to launch (or re-launch) so your customers know where to find you.


It doesn’t matter what we get up to at the weekend or what sandwiches we like. What matters is that we get to know you, because that’s the first step to understanding your business. 


If you’re just starting out and full of ideas, but aren't entirely sure they’re the right ones, you’ve come to the right place. If your business is established but you know deep down that it could be performing better, for the love of God, let us help you. 


As a TV cowboy once said: ‘It’s good that you have a plan… but it doesn’t mean that plan is good.’ 

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