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Digital Content


Good content makes your business stand out for all the right reasons. Lousy content will make it stand out for all the wrong reasons. 


We believe in the ‘all killer, no filler’ approach when it comes to content. Most folk have the attention span of a goldfish on PCP, so not only
do you need to engage your potential customers within the first five seconds of them arriving on your website, you have to keep them there.


Charities need sign-ups and donations, and a strong social media presence to raise awareness of their cause and campaign. When you’re asking people to donate their time and money, you need to get the tone of voice just right. We’ve come up with content for some of the biggest charities in the UK, and always get results because we know how to engage with their audience.


Every business owner or self-employed person is selling something: a product or a service, or both. What you say to potential customers should be warm and engaging. It needs to be informative but not over-complicated. Basically you're looking for the text equivalent of a dog that comes up and gently sniffs your hand rather than one who jumps up at you and knocks you over. Customers need to know who you are, what you do, why you do it and why they should buy from you, donate to your cause or employ your services.


Think of it like a scene from Top Gun, if you will: Maverick’s in his F-14, high up in the clouds over the ocean when he spots the enemy MiG. He blinks those piercing blue eyes. He’s concentrating mad hard. He engages the target. Beads of sweat trickle down his sculpted cheekbones. He presses the red weapon release button, holding his minty breath. The missile whooshes off through the clouds and seconds later, hits the target. Maverick whoops, punches the air and joyfully rips his mask thing off. Job done. 


It’s basically just like that – find your target, engage, hold, hit and celebrate. Makes sense now, doesn’t it?


Two Magpies director, Juliette, has over 20 years’ experience as a content creator. She’s been putting the right words in the right places across digital, print and web for so long she even edits boat names (‘Oi! You need an apostrophe on that!’) as she sails along the Thames. 


We’ll come up with informative, engaging content across all platforms, ensuring you have a cohesive message and strong brand identity to take your business forward.

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