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What’s your strategy to achieving success? Have you launched a business (or are about to launch a business) without first identifying your client or customer base? Have you bothered to research your target market, analyse your competitors and identify the brands or businesses you wish to emulate? Have you developed your core messaging strategy, your name, logo and tagline? What about your tone of voice, your USP and your values?


If the answer to any of those questions is: ‘What now?’ then you need to consider going back to basics and starting from scratch. If you haven’t yet launched your business, rejoice in the knowledge that we’re about to save you a lot of time, trouble and money by getting that stuff right before you launch. Once we’ve worked with you to develop your brand, we can then start talking about building your website. 


Creative strategists tend to have strong opinions. Without them, we can’t do our job. Clients will want to put their hands over their ears and pretend they can’t hear us. Sometimes, though, you have to bite the bullet and do things in a different way - and it's our job to help you implement those changes to help your business run more smoothly. Honestly, it's much more favourable an outcome than spending all day watching cat videos on YouTube while wondering where the flip your customers are (even if cat videos are cool bananas).


It’s our role to give you the tools understand your market. It’s then up to you to market your brand – whether that’s products you are selling, services you are offering or something you are creating. Whether you’re a bookshop owner or novelist, coffee producer or coffee shop owner, boutique owner or clothing designer, you’ll need a bespoke strategy for your business and your customers. There’s no one-size-fits all approach when it comes to branding, so don't be a crazy pants and think it doesn't matter. As Elvis would say, let us take care of business.

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